International AIDS Society

Publications area at AIDS 2012

A publications area located on the concourse level overlooking the Media Centre (Halls A and B) is available for organizations to showcase promotional material and publications such as reports and newsletters with a limit of 1,000 copies per organization.

The area, a counter approximately 20 meters long, will be divided into reserved spaces bookable on a first come first served basis by sending an email to by 12 July 2012. Once the booking has been confirmed, the conference secretariat will send a confirmation email with the shipping details.

AIDS 2012 volunteers will be assigned to the publications area to keep it tidy but it is sole responsibility of the organization to check that their publications are displayed correctly.

In addition to this main publication area a smaller space inside the Media Centre is available only to display press releases and other documents linked to press conferences taking place at AIDS 2012. Only delegates with media delegate passes are allowed into this area. Each day this table will be refreshed – so it will only feature the press releases and support materials relevant to press conferences on each specific day.

Priority will be given to organizations who do not have a space in the Global Village or exhibition area. The sale of materials is not permitted.