International AIDS Society

Third Party Press Releases & Resources

World Bank

The Guardian, 25 July 2012
World Bank's Jim Yong Kim: 'I want to eradicate poverty'

The Global Post, 24 July 2012
Conversations from AIDS 2012: World Bank President Jim Yong Kim


Positive Women's Network

KPFA 94.1 Hard Knock Radio show, 27 June 2012,
featuring PWNers Waheedah Shabazz-El, Barb Cardell, and Sonia Rastogi

Trust Law, 19 July 2012
“Women to AIDS Conference: ‘We are the Pandemic’”

Metro Weekly 12 July 2012
“Networking for Women: Positive Women’s Network brings the group’s important perspective to AIDS 2012″

UPI.com, 20 July 2012
“AIDS is a Women’s Problem Too”

Forbes, 20 July 2012
“Women want to be heard at DC AIDS Conference”

Metro Weekly, 21 July 2012
“Human Rights Watch Decries Condom Confiscation”

theBody.com, 21 July 2012
“Notes on Conference Day 1: MSMGF Pre-Conference and PWN Reception”

Funders Concerned About AIDS Blog, 21 July 2012
“Turning the Tide on the Epidemic for Women @ AIDS 2012″

theBody.com, 22 July 2012
“Notes on a Conference: MSMGF Pre-Conference and PWN Reception”

theBody.com, 23 July 2012
“Rising Infection Rates, Stigma and Discrimination Addressed at AIDS 2012 Pre-Conference on Men Having Sex with Men and Transgender People”
featured in In the Life Media

theBody.com, 24 July 2012
“LIVING 2012: Turning the Tide Together and Not Without Women!”

theBody.com, 24 July 2012
“Black Women are Greater Than AIDS”

NBC News, 24 July 2012
 “The female face of HIV: ‘We don’t have to care for ourselves’” by Maggie Fox

The Root, 24 July 2012
“Black Women and HIV/AIDS: A Key Juncture”

Open Democracy, 25 July 2012
“Time for the U.S. to Put Its Own House in Order” by Alice Welbourn

Philadelphia Inquirer, 25 July 2012
“Area Activists Join a Washington Protest that Seeks More Action Against AIDS”

AIDS Map, 26 July 2012
“In the real world HIV has changed; In the court room it is still the 1980s”

The Daily Press, 26 July 2012
“Washington D.C. hosting International AIDS Conference”

Voices of America, 27 July 2012
“Young People Navigate Relationships, Romance, and HIV”

Boston Globe, 27 July 2012
“Living with the stigma of HIV: Many in state hide their status”

McClatchy Newspapers, 27 July 2012
“Women Face Own Challenges Fighting HIV” posted in Twin Cities Pioneer Press and the Kansas City Star

The Village Celebration, 27 July 2012
“Black Women, A Focal Point at the 2012 World AIDS Conference”

NLAAN Blog, 27 June 2012
“The Missing Block: The Legal Aspect of HIV Prevention”

Oakland Local, 30 July 2012
“East Bay Agencies Meet Up at International AIDS Conference”

POZ, 31 July 2012
“Domestic Violence Doubles Risk of Death for HIV-Positive Women”