International AIDS Society

Conference Coordinating Committee


Elly Katabira, Uganda (AIDS 2012 Chair & IAS President)
Diane Havlir, USA (US Co-Chair)


Quarraisha Abdool Karim, South Africa (SPC International Co-Chair)
Dr. Mohammad Ahkter, USA, (Local Leadership partner, District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH))
Elizabeth Ashbourne (World Bank)
Bertrand Audoin, Switzerland (IAS Executive Director)
Andrew Ball (WHO)
Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, France (IAS President-elect)
Chris Beyrer, USA (IAS Regional Representative North America)
Chris Collins, USA (LAPC US Co-Chair)
Marcus Day, St Lucia (CVC)
Djibril Diallo (UNAIDS)
Deloris Dockrey, USA (CPC Co-Chair)
Wafaa El-Sadr, USA (SPC US Co-Chair)
Eric Fleutelot, France (Sidaction)
Beri Hull, USA (ICW)
Naina Khanna, USA (Local Community Partner, U.S. Positive Women’s Network)
Jesse Milan, USA (Local Community Partner, The Black AIDS Institute)
Gregorio A. Millett, USA (Local Leadership Partner, Office of National AIDS Policy - The White House)
Kevin Moody, The Netherlands (GNP+)
Suzette Moses-Burton, Saint Martin (LAPC Co-Chair)
David Ernesto Munar, USA (CPC US Co-Chair)
Cristina Pena, USA
Peter Reiss, The Netherlands (SPC Co-Chair)
Anouk Rey, Switzerland (Conference Director)
Nicolas Ritter, Mauritius (CPC International Co-Chair)
Mariangela Simao, Brazil (LAPC International Co-Chair)
Kathleen Squires, USA (Local Scientific Partner, HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America)
Mary Ann Torres, Canada (ICASO)
Jack Whitescarver, USA (Local Scientific Partner, NIH)