International AIDS Society

Scientific Programme Vision

The vision of the AIDS 2012 Scientific Programme is to provide a dynamic, interactive forum for the presentation, debate and validation of the latest, state-of-the-art research, policy and programme evidence that will inform and guide the global response. This vision will guide the work of each of the five scientific tracks as they focus on three primary goals:
  1. To accelerate the scale-up of evidence informed combined approaches to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support that protect the human rights of all people vulnerable to, at risk of, or living with HIV;
  2. To highlight excellence in basic, clinical, epidemiological, prevention, social, human rights, political, implementation, health systems and economic research; and
  3. To assess the impact of the HIV epidemic and response to it on individuals, communities and societies.
To accomplish these goals, the AIDS 2012 Scientific Programme will address cutting-edge issues of interest to a range of disciplines, and foster multidisciplinary reflection among researchers, practitioners, policy makers, donors, activists and other stakeholders on what has been accomplished to date and what remains to be done.

The vision and goals will serve as the basis for building both abstract-driven and invited sessions of the AIDS 2012 Scientific Programme.