International AIDS Society

Community Programme Vision

AIDS 2012 will be a watershed moment to eliminate stigma, criminalization, and discrimination, which fuel the HIV pandemic. Drawing from previous conferences and community action over the past 30 years, AIDS 2012 will reaffirm the centrality of human rights as a vehicle to end the pandemic. Through meaningful involvement of people and communities affected by HIV/AIDS, the conference will address:
  1. The economic and political relevance of stopping HIV and AIDS;
  2. The linkages with other pressing social issues;
  3. Increasing access to integrated HIV prevention, care and support, health, and treatment services based on the best science and practice in public health;
  4. Achieving an equitable access to resources to bring proven practice to scale for the most impacted groups.
In the fourth decade of HIV and AIDS, we have the science, knowledge and evidence to end the pandemic. Now more than ever, with the power of our diverse constituents and communities, we can and must mobilize greater attention, action, political and financial investment to "Turn the Tide Together".