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The aim of the Youth Programme is to work to strengthen the participation of young people and the profile of youth issues at AIDS 2012.

Why do we want young people at AIDS 2012?

Because young people are greatly affected by HIV and AIDS.
Almost half of all new HIV infections in the world are among people under 25. Estimates show that more than 7,400 people become infected with HIV daily, 3,300 of whom are young people. Globally, 5.4 million young people are living with HIV. Young women under age 25 are at an even greater risk for HIV infection and comprise 57.4% of infected youth. Young people remain the most vulnerable group to HIV infection due to many factors, including lack of information, education, societal influences, and inability to access healthcare services.

For more information about youth and HIV please see: www.unaids.org/learnmore/en/index.html and www.youthaidscoalition.org/

Because we want to mobilize networks of young people worldwide.
AIDS 2012 organizers want young people to be a visible presence at the conference, not only as delegates, but also as organizers, speakers, leaders and peers. Young people will have their own areas at the conference, but will also be encouraged to take part in the larger discussions.

Because we want to empower young people.
Our aim is to advocate for current and critical issues affecting young people worldwide, and further pinpoint current strategies for effective change. Building youth leadership is crucial to an effective AIDS response among young people and by young people, especially for key affected populations. This includes, but is not limited to, young people living with HIV, young people who use drugs, young sex workers, young men who have sex with men, young women, young migrants, and youth in prisons. We are excited to reach out to young people throughout the world, and to focus specifically on issues in Washington, DC and in how they integrate and relate to issues faced by young people around the world. 

Youth Programme Objectives
  • Visibility: Strengthen the meaningful participation of young people throughout every aspect of the conference.
  • Mainstreaming: Engage young people as key stakeholders within the HIV response.
  • Support: Promote the work current youth leaders are doing to show that young people are driving the response in the epidemic and create outlets to recruit new youth leaders.
  • Funding: Provide outlets for youth to address and/or advocate for increased funding to be allocated to youth led programs, projects and core-funding for youth organizations.
  • Create safe forums for youth to:
    • Challenge the status quo
    • Speak out about issues that effect young people
    • Redefine participation within the response to the epidemic
    • Address the direction of the movement
    • Share best practices with the greater community

Youth Programme Activities

The Youth Pavilion in the Global Village is the main networking space for young people at AIDS 2012. The pavilion will host a diverse programme of sessions, workshops, performances and exhibitions.

Other Youth Programme activities include symposia and a leadership development workshop for delegates, a youth pre-conference, a youth reception, and an advocacy campaign that will include the mobilization of young people for the rally around the conference march (more details about this event will be posted on the conference website in the coming months). A pocket guide will be provided to young delegates to highlight all youth related sessions at AIDS 2012 and make participation easier.

Youth Programme and Global Village Selections

AIDS 2012 received 1,025 programme activity proposals for consideration, representing a 34% increase over AIDS 2010. After an intensive review process, 280 programme activity proposals (27%) were accepted for inclusion in the AIDS 2012 programme. Global Village and Youth Programme proposals were initially reviewed by members of the Global Village and Youth Programme Working Groups and a team of nominated reviewers. Both working groups include members of the Community Programme Committee, Leadership and Accountability Programme Committee and the Scientific Programme Committee. Each proposal was scored by at least two reviewers using a confidential, blind scoring system. In late March, members of the groups met to review the highest scoring proposals and select the components of the Global Village and Youth Programme.

The selection committees worked hard to select high-quality applications and ensure diversity among topics, regions and key affected populations.

Get Involved!

AIDS 2010 Youth Programme Working Group

The Youth Programme Working Group is the official organizing body that prepares the AIDS 2012 Youth Programme. The Working Group plans sessions and workshops related to young people, organizes the Youth Pavilion in the Global Village, and a lounge for young people living with HIV. It consists of young people and adults from different regions of the world, who work together to prepare the official AIDS 2012 Youth Programme.

Washington, D.C. YouthForce

The Washington, D.C. YouthForce was recently launched and is a global platform for international, regional and local youth organizations that focus on HIV and AIDS, as well as on the sexual and reproductive health and the rights of young people. The Washington, D.C. YouthForce will organize youth activities and advocacy campaigns prior to and during the conference, such as the youth pre-conference, youth advocacy campaigns and the youth commitments desk. Ten youth organizations are currently represented on the DC YouthForce, including Advocates for Youth, DC Community Coalition, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, the World AIDS Campaign, Youth Coalition on Sexual and Reproductive Rights, HIV Young Leaders Fund, Y-Peer, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and Youth R.I.S.E.

The Youth Programme Working Group and the Washington, D.C. YouthForce are working closely together to act as a common body for young people at AIDS 2012. If you have particular questions, you may contact us at .


Programme Activities

Click here to download the printed Global Village and Youth Programmes. For more information see the Programme-at-a-Glance

Submission Guidelines

Click here to access the Youth Programme Submission Guidelines.

Youth Programme Working Group

Rachel Arinii, CPC (Malaysia)
Igor Mocorro LAPC (Philippines)

Anna Zakowicz, CPC (Poland)
Alinah K. Segobye, SPC –
Track D (Botswana)
Urooj Arshad, (USA)
Claire Gasamagera, (Rwanda)
Venton Jones, (USA)
Ed Attapon Ngoksin, (Thailand)
Cristina Pena, (USA)
Jahlove Serrano, (USA)

Youth Programme Blog

For more information visit www.youthaids2012.org

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